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If only it was simple and easy...the truth is, it is not. Some people pay very little attention to what they eat, yet have fantastic bodies, while others battle a constant fight with their figures and weight.

Everyone has a different set of circumstances, therefor no specific diet will work for everyone. It is so far apart, that brown rice and ice cream are good for some, but not others.

What is important to consider, is spiking blood glucose (sugar) levels after each meal. Be it Sushi or Ice Cream if it causes a spike in glucose levels it's not good for you and will most likeley provide you with enough energy for a short period of time, then create a situation where you would probably crave something similar to eat, very shortly. There is a long explanation of chemicals released to counter the glucose levels and effects on the body, constantly...more about that later.

Secondly it is as simple as, not eating more than your body uses! Eating vs Exercise.

If your body burns or uses all that you consume, there will be no extra storing of reserves.